Dalit – A Quest for Dignity



Book Title Dalit – A Quest for Dignity
Language English and Nepali
Number of pages 243 pages
ISBN 9789937045056
Dimensions 173mm X 243 mm
Country of Origin Nepal
Edition 1st
Print Run 1500
Year of publication 2018
Published by photo.circle | Nepal Picture Library

Collating photographs on Dalit lives and about Dalit resistance from the last six decades and across the diverse regions of Nepal, this photobook asserts the historical presence of Dalits in Nepali public life. With accompanying essays exploring the economic, social, and political dimensions of Dalit struggle, this volume activates archival photographs to demand an accounting of obscured histories.

This timely document expresses how the ambivalences of seeing and not seeing relate to the processes of inclusion and exclusion in Nepal. Exploring the capacities of cameras to connect us with people and their pasts, the book seeks to redirect the ethical premise of photography to probe the structures of caste oppression.


Edited by: Diwas Raja KC
Produced by: NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati
Design: Dishebh Shrestha
Nepali Translation: Prawin Adhikari
Organisation: Nepal Picture Library

Printed and bound in New Delhi, India by Naveen Printers

The photographs and information for this book were collected in 2016. A selection of them were also exhibited during Photo Kathmandu 2016 at Patan Museum.

The project was made possible in part by a grant from The Danish Center for Cultural and Development(CKU).

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