Quick Time, Old River, and A Sky Full of Dreams



Book Title Quick Time, Old River, And a Sky Full of Dreams – Kathmandu Valley Urban History Project
Language English
Number of pages 152 pages
Dimensions 170mm X 242 mm
Country of Origin Nepal
Edition 1st
Print Run 1000
Year of publication 2023
Published by photo.circle

The Kathmandu Valley Urban History Project (KVUHP) is a research and public knowledge initiative that works towards understanding, documenting and telling stories about the ways that the Kathmandu Valley is experiencing change. Through place-based research, archiving, and storytelling, the project seeks to contribute to the public discourse on urbanization, the commons, and imaginations for the future.

The project was initiated in March 2020, with a cohort of seven fellows including researchers, storytellers, artists, and activists, who were advised by urban geographer Sabin Ninglekhu, and environmental historian Tom Robertson.

This publication brings together the works produced by the research fellows, and gives us a glimpse of the conversation that took place during the discussion seminars. It does not encompass all the valley’s urban issues, but hopefully prompts us to think about this city with more care and creativity.


Research Fellows: Irinia Giri;Minket Lepcha;Monalisa Maharjan; Monika Deupala; Prashanta Khanal; Tripty Tamang Pakhrin; Ubahang Nembang
Research Advisors: Sabin Ninglekhu; Thomas (Tom) Robertson
Project Coordinator: Shristi Shrestha
Design: Ankash Shakya
Copy Editing: Marissa Taylor; Prawin Adhikari
Cover Image: Betty Woodsend Collection/Nepal Picture Library

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